Fun Thing We Do Together As an Old Married Couple

My wife and I took up ballroom dancing just to try something new. We found out that we had four left feet. We watched too many of those stars dancing on TV and thought we might be actually good at it. We weren’t. However, we did find that we had a natural talent for handling shotguns. Yes, we both found that to be a bit funny. We took up clay pigeon shooting in Bristol, and we have been going back on a regular basis ever since our first attempt. It took me about three shells to get the hang of leading the clays, and I was hooked when the first one burst into dust. My wife hit her first one. She got it dead center on the first shot. There was no looking back after that. She is a natural at it.

Sure, we miss some too. But the fun of the successes far outweighs any misses. We can shoot doubles and triples now. I never thought in a million years that I would be shooting double clay pigeons let alone triples! I enjoy watching the real experts shoot clays. It is an amazing thing to watch. It can be as competitive as football or cricket. However, it is shooting, so it is far more fun. I like the feel of the recoil and the concentration it takes to stay on target. You have to be cool under pressure, but this sport can be learned by just about anyone.

I have a tremendous time at it, and my wife has even more fun than me. We saved to get her a custom-fitted shotgun, and that bumped up her performance to almost pro level. I think that with a little more practice that she could compete on the professional clay pigeon shooting circuit.

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