How Office Furniture Changes How We Perceive Businesses

My wife and I have always wanted to own our own business. We wanted a career where customers would seek us out and stick with us for a lifetime. We found that we had a strong interest in law, so being attorneys fit our business model very well. After education and passing our certification exams, we got an office fit out in Bristol for our law office where we are partners. Our last name repeated on a sign as partners in a law firm gave us an air of being firmly established even though we were just getting started.

Don’t get me wrong as we are excellent service providers as attorneys. We are highly trained and quite savvy. However, we are new at this. Our clients come in and see the solid oak, the liberal use of marble and even the strategic placement of stone and other items that convey a message of solidness and power. It is the same method of office fit outs that banks use to convey strength, superiority and longevity. It works. No one asks how long we have been practicing when they come into our office and see what looks like a law firm that has been in business for generations. We do take advantage of that perception to get clients. It is our effectiveness at our jobs that keeps them coming back for a lifetime.

It is funny how office furniture gets our clients to trust us, but it does. We noticed this at our bank when we picked them to hold our money for us. I admit that I should have looked closer at their assets and customer service record, but I was impressed by all the stone and oak that made me think they have been here for hundreds of years. Well, they were actually a newer bank. They do a great job, but I may have picked another bank had they looked to be too modern. Then, on the other hand, I want modern when I go to the doctor. It is amazing how furniture in an office alters our perceptions so greatly.

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