I Have Been Working at the Boss’ House

The boss has been working on his house for a long time, in fact it is more of an estate. He has been fixing up this old country house and the farm buildings around it. Of course it is all a way to show off to his friends the fact that he is successful and so he does not care that it costs a fortune. Me and a couple of the guys at the shop have been working there, today we were helping with a big CCTV system from a place call Hikvision. Of course it is a lot more complicated when you have such a large area that you want to be able to observe. I think a lot of it is not security so much as he wants to be able to check out what is going on in the place. There are going to be all sorts of things to look at, because he is running several little ventures there.

The big thing is a nursery, he has about half a dozen greenhouses, the big types that are about the size of a mansion. Of course they grow plants and flowers for the markets in the nearby towns. I suppose that it is probably going to be a much bigger thing than the stuff that he made the money on to build it. Then there is a dairy, but it has this huge herd of goats and a big flock of cheese. The thing is that they are making specialty cheeses, some types that I have not ever heard of. Some of it is really great, but some of it is just so smelly that I could not bring myself to try it. I have heard that a lot of the things we taste come from the nose.

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