I Seem to Have a New Girlfriend

I have sort of bumbled into a relationship with the sort of girl who seems to think that she should be a reality TV star. What she thinks of me is sort of strange, because I am barely middle class. My father is a supervisor at a machine shop and my mother is a bookkeeper for a law firm. They make good money and they sent me to a good school. She was there, but it was only because her parents made her. She is way more interested in her designer leather bags and her fashion accoutrements, but in order to have charge cards that charge, her parents have to be kept happy. That is where I came in the picture, because I am pretty good at math and computer science and she needed a tutor or she would have never gotten through statistics. Apparently she likes to be yelled at, because I never even thought about her as a girlfriend until one time she made me really angry with her poor attitude.

If you never tried to tutor anyone then you may not now how it relates to that adage about leading a horse to water. If someone wants to learn something and they are willing to work at it, then tutoring is really easy. If they do not care and do not want to put forth the effort, then the greatest tutor in the world will never make any progress with them. A lot of smart people flunk things because they will not try hard enough. For instance I roomed with a guy who was probably twice as smart as me, but he ended up flunking school because he decided that girls and partying were more of a priority for him. Obviously I like girls, but you have to take care of business too.

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