I Want to Know Who is at My Door

I wanted to look at Hikvision IP CCTV after hearing about an incident that happened a few miles from where I live. Someone had tried to force themselves into a home after the homeowner had opened the door to see who was there. Thankfully, her dogs scared off the people who wanted to more than likely cause her harm, so she was fine other than being shaken up over it. When I heard about it from a friend, it scared me because if it came happen to someone just a few miles away, that is just a little too close for comfort for me.

I don’t have dogs that will scare someone away, and I live on my own so that makes me a prime target already. Prior to hearing about this person’s scare, I would always open my door too if someone knocked on it. I knew that I had to change how I handle that, no matter how much it frustrated me that my freedom was slowly being taken away. I place caution pretty high though, so I looked at a door intercom system kit that Hikvision provides, and I knew that I would feel much better having that installed.

I may be a single female living alone, but that does not mean I am not capable of installing my own intercom at the door. It is because I am on my own that I have learned how to do so many things on my own. I talked to someone at the company where I ordered it from to make sure I had all the tools I would need, and I was able to install it in a very short amount of time once it arrived. I love being able to see who is at my door now before I open it up now.

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