I’m Not a Vain Now That I’m an Adult with Responsibilities

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror for hours when I was a young person. Thinking about it now, I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to stand around looking at myself so much. As I grew older, that stopped. But recently, I decided to find a nice bristol beauty salon to go to because I had gone the opposite way of not caring how I looked for longer than I should have. I had just landed a new job, and it is important that I look presentable each day. I needed a little help with carrying that out.

I have no idea why some young people are very vain. I certainly was, but I also didn’t think there was anything wrong with it at the time. It felt normal to me to look in the mirror while I tried out 10 different, new makeup steps. It felt normal to dance in front of the mirror to perfect my moves for school dances. It felt normal to pull everything out of my closet and try on different outfits so that I would look good at school the next day.

I think it was the fact that I had children that made me spend even less time as an adult on my appearance.When you have children, you can’t spend an hour straightening your hair and applying makeup. Having children means that your focus needs to be on them almost all the time. It was easy to just throw my hair up in a ponytail and wear sweatshirts. But I can’t do that at the new job that I just interviewed for and got. I needed to look like I care about myself. I don’t need to be beautiful at this stage of life, but I needed to look presentable and healthy, so I scheduled an appointment at a beauty salon.

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