Learning to Shoot is Like Learning to Use Any Other Tool

If you are going to take an interest in guns, you need to know how to use them correctly. It is no different than learning to use a chain saw or learning how to drive a car. There are rules of operation to obey, otherwise you can get yourself into trouble. I knew a young man who would cut firewood for the family using a chainsaw. He did not take the needed precautions and cut a nice gash in his knee with barely a touch of the chain. He should have read the instructions. The same goes for shooting instruction. You need to know how a gun operates and all of the safety protocols. You need to wear eye and hearing protection. They are no more dangerous in the hands of a trained operator than a chainsaw or even a hammer is.

Tools of all kinds can serve a work and a recreational purpose. I use a hammer at work to earn a living. I have an electronics hobby and use screwdrivers, soldering irons and other tools for recreation. Inherently I know that a soldering iron is hot. However, I was skimping on buying a good stand to hold my first soldering iron and it rolled and burned the table I was using to work on. I learned to follow simple safety protocols in all things I use that could get out of hand. This is why I took shooting instruction seriously. I learned shotguns, rifles, pistols and revolvers. I can shoot black powder guns too.

I take the time to thoroughly learn the full operation of any new gun I buy. I have the solid foundation in shooting instruction that really helps me to always be safe. Not only that, I can really hit the targets I am aiming at without any difficulty!

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