Needed a Kit for Protecting a Rural Home

I recently looked into obtaining cctv kits because of our remote location. My wife and our son live out in a sparsely populated rural area and I’ve begun to worry about the recent uptick in property crimes in the area. Apparently troublemakers from the city have been coming out into the boonies in order to boost cars and anything else they can get their grimy paws upon. That’s really worrisome to me because I’m not here much due to my position at a busy legal firm in the city. I needed protection for my family that would make all us feel better.

We looked into security cameras because our neighbor got a system and foiled an attempted home invasion. My only problem is that I’m not handy with electronics or technology and I wanted a kit that would give me everything in one package. The cameras, the mounts, the recording device, and even the wiring needed to hook the system up. I wanted it all in one box with detailed instructions on how to install them. I didn’t want to put up the system, have something happen, and then realize I didn’t capture the perpetrators on the recording device.

The company I worked with online knew all about my concerns and they recommended several kits after asking me questions about the layout of property, the size of my house, and whether I wanted interior or exterior cameras or both. They even offered suggestions about how to place them strategically where criminals might not see them easily. I’m happy to report that it only took me a couple of hours to get the whole system put together and installed. It’s amazing the clarity of the footage and how much of the outside I can see on the cameras. I can even watch them live on my computer twenty four hours a day!

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