Our Manufacturing Processes Are Very Earth-Friendly

I started making some plastic products I designed on a computer. I bought a small injection mold to make a dozen products at a time. The mold was used thousands of times to make my first product I sold online. Then, I had another mold made for a different plastic product. From the beginning I reused or recycled raw materials. When I actually leased a manufacturing facility, I contacted a waste management services firm to make sure that we reused, repurposed or recycled as much raw materials that we could. I was not sure if we would ever reach a point where we had zero waste or emissions, but that never stops me from trying.

My company is profitable, and it is probably the most kind manufacturing company the planet supports. We do not pump wastewater into the sewer system other than what is used in our office restrooms and kitchens. We process our own water and store it for reuse in manufacturing. We power the plant using waste materials that years ago would have been disposed of by companies making the ground and water table toxic. We even cleaned up the site our facility is built on. The soil was processed to remove toxins in it from an old manufacturing plant that existed here before. We use a solar farm for a lot of our power. On some days we put power back into the public grid.

About the only trash being hauled away is from waste receptacles in the building, but we separate out recyclables as a matter of company policy. It does not take any extra work to run our company this way. We have had this mindset from the beginning. Part of our profit structure goes toward sustainability. You could sit our factory down in a place that has the strictest environmental protection laws and we would pass their tests.

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