There’s a First Time for Everything

My friends and I had plans to go to the movies one day, but the movie we wanted to see was completely sold out. I guess that’s what we got for waiting until the last minute to get tickets. We thought about some other places to have fun and decided to play golf, but the course was closed down for maintenance. A friend told us about a range that allows people to do clay shooting in Bristol, so we decided to give it a shot. Some of my friends had been shooting before, but this was my first experience, and it was quite an interesting one.

The premise for shooting seemed like a simple one. There would be clay pigeons thrown into the air and we would have to use the guns to shoot them. I had seen enough films and television shows to know how a gun works, so I had some idea of what to do, but I still got a little help so that I would avoid getting into some kind of accident. The experienced shooters went first, and then the inexperienced ones went. As I took my first shot, I aimed at the target, but missed completely.

I thought for sure that I would be able to hit the target, but I just wasn’t aiming at it correctly. On my next turn, I tried again, and was able to hit it. I just barely hit that target as it was about to go out of range. I think that was a bit of luck on my part, rather than skill, but I was willing to take that hit. My friends and I kept taking turns, missing and hitting the targets, and even though I didn’t hit as many targets as I wanted, I still had a lot of fun.

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