Traditional Horse Riding Boots and Clothing

I must admit that the first time I saw my wife she was wearing long horse riding boots and breeches that really made her a strikingly beautiful figure backlit by the sun as she was walking her horse back to the paddock where I was fixing some wiring. She could tell that I was a bit flustered when she approached me. I had been working in the heat and traipsing around in paddocks filled with horse manure, so I cannot imagine me looking my best. However, she said my tool belt and the whole jeans and tee shirt thing I had going on caught her eye.

That was over 20 years ago when we first met, and now we have a daughter who has taken up riding horses in competitions. When I saw a young man eyeing up our daughter at the stables while she was wearing her riding gear, it brought back a flood of memories. It also raised an alarm in me as this was my daughter he was looking at! My wife could read my mind and told me to not trouble the boy. She knew him and his parents, and he was a really nice kid. I told her that people thought I was a nice kid too! She smiled and told me I was and still am.

I could not fit into those jeans and tee shirt I wore when my wife and I first met. A lot of years have gone by, and the traditional riding gear looks the same now as it did back then. The newer fabrics make for more comfortable wear, but the cut and styles remain the same. Some riding gear is now available in wild color schemes you would not find back then, but a lot of the tweed and leather fashions in riding remain the same.

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